Circuit Stickers

Circuit Stickers

Circuit Stickers are peel-and-stick modules that feel like stickers but function as circuit boards. By bundling common electronic circuits–such as LED lights and sensors–into a friendly sticker form factor, they are designed to make circuit-building as simple and accessible as decorating with stickers.

Circuit stickers are composed of flexible printed circuit boards with conductive adhesive on the bottom. Their thin, lightweight and flexible nature also make them convenient for integrating into spaces and surfaces that traditional rigid PCBs cannot fit into.

This project began as a core component of my PhD research and has since spun out into the company Chibitronics.

Natalie Freed
Andrew “bunnie” Huang
Sean Cross
David Cole
Jennifer Dick



Research Publications:
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Code Collage: Tangible Programming On Paper with Circuit Stickers [PDF]
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Paper Electronics with Circuit Stickers [PDF]
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