Circuit Sketchbook

The circuit sketchbook is a power supply in the form of a sketchbook. It allows users to create circuits on the pages and power then using a rechargeable battery that is integrated into the back cover of the book.

This rechargeable book contains a USB charging connector, power leads to pages, an ON/OFF switch, a battery, and a charging circuit which powers the paper circuits in the sketchbook pages.

These are the power leads connected to the + and – terminals of the battery in the back cover. By connecting your circuit to these power leads, they give you access to power on every page by connecting the battery with your circuit.

These tabs on the side of the pages allow parts on the page to be connected to external components. On the upper right corner is an example of a copper tape circuit that can be built in the sketchbook. The rest of the page can also be used for sketching, annotations, and comments on or around your circuits.

This is an example of circuit sketching using copper tape and stickers.

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