An augmented reality environment for musical creation based on the popular game BallDroppings. The environment has two types of objects that the user can place: paddles and drop points. Drop points are objects that can drop balls, and paddles are surfaces that will make balls bounce depending on how ball and paddle collide. Balls produce sounds when they bounce off a paddle, and the user has control over the rate with which balls are dropped and the paddle properties that determine the sound.

Made in collaboration with Manuel Entrena, Shrenik Sadalgi and Xiang Shi for the CS W4172 3D user interface design course.

Project paper: Pin Documentation [pdf]

ARmonica is an updated version of Ping, which was made as a demo for UIST 2010 by Mengu Sukan, Ohan Oda, and professor Steven Feiner.

Demo paper:

Press: Technology Review

2010. Augmented reality game running on the Goblin XNA game engine using ARTag fiducial markers and Vuzix iWear glasses