Microfluidic Escher’s Drawing Hands

Recreates M.C. Escherʼs Drawing Hands using two microfluidic channels. As a dyed fluid fills the channels, the lines are literally “drawn.” Each hand will be composed of a single channel. The channels end at the pencil point, so that as the channel fills and the hands are drawn, each hand turns out to be drawing the other. While ink on paper is static, this work is dynamic since the fluid continuously flows during the drawing process. As the channels are filled and refilled, the drawing is erased and redrawn. Also, the presence of bubbles in the flow heightens the dynamic nature of this microfluidic drawing.

This project was made with tremendous support from Jie Xu and Amy Betz of the LMTP research laboratory.

Project report: microscale artwork [pdf]

2010. Microfluidic channels cast in PDMS, dyed fluid and syringe pumps